If you need immediate help with an unplanned pregnacny, please call the Option Line at 1.800.712.HELP

Our History

FOLLOW THE PATH- a Brief History of the CORE Center

As she was busy spreading the word in the high schools of Delaware County, OH, about the importance of sexual purity and the dangers of early sexual activity, a dream was born in the heart of educator Catherine Wood to have a place within the county for young people to turn when they found themselves in the middle of worry about an unplanned pregnancy.  She began to gather around her others with a passion for the same and the idea of The CORE Center was born in the early 2000’s.  This group of women began to form the vision for the center and the types of services that might be offered and started to recruit likeminded folks to support that vision and strategize how to make it become a reality.  Through a community donation they secured a client consulting room and a phone line at 130 Burrer Dr. in Sunbury and The CORE Center officially opened in July 2007. 

The next step was to recruit an official volunteer executive board to oversee The CORE Center and this group came together in the fall of 2006.  For the next couple of years, the board spent a lot of time defining its role and organization as well as learning about fund raising and developing policies and procedures for training volunteers and operations of the center.  In 2009 we were able to hire a part-time executive director to really propel the ministry forward.  We have now served numerous clients and even had our first adoption placement.  In July 2010, we moved into a much more roomy and accessible location in the city of Delaware at 30 Troy Road Shopping Center and are excited about the greater life-affirming impact on Delaware County.